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Host, Actor, Spokesperson & Coach

About Shannon

Shannon O’Dowd is an on-camera host, live presenter, commercial actress, & media training and on-camera hosting instructor. Originally from St. Petersburg, FL with a degree in Theatre Performance from Florida State University, Shannon has been working on both sides of the camera for over a decade.

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What Shannon Does:

Company Spokesperson, “Common Sense”-Cable ONE Business

Shannon O’Dowd plays “Common Sense” as the company spokesperson for Cable One.  You can see some of the spots she’s done for them here:


Show Host-Direct Response/ Infomercials

Shannon is a well versed show host for direct response spots (infomercials)! Some spots of note are “Instant Figure” for Grand Slam Direct, “Nano Gym” & “Slim N Lift Caresse” for Thane Direct, “Sneeze Sleeve”, “Think and Lose”, “Bankruptcy Legal Network”, and many more! To see a list of Shannon’s best hosting work, click here.

Commercial Actress-Shannon O’Dowd

Shannon has been a working actress for over a decade and has most notably been seen as the “Hero Woman” in commercial campaigns ranging from OfficeMax, Sunsweet Raisins, Wii, Nutrisystem, Dodge, Little Caesar, John Deere and many more! You can see some of Shannon’s latest work right here.

On-Camera Hosting Coach-Killian’s Workshop

Professional On-Camera TV Host and Coach. Teaches on-camera courses for Killian McHugh as well as providing private coaching.

My Mommy Matters

Shannon O’Dowd brings you all the helpful tips and funny quips from her life as a mommy. She comes to you from LA LA land… where things can be crunchy, crazy, as well as insightful since mommies here are always searching for the best way to do it all! Check out My Mommy Matters Blog!